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Code of Conduct


  • Faculty member shall at all times, be imbued with the spirit of professionalism, punctuality, loyalty, confidence, and faith among colleagues.
  • Faculty members shall be professional and ethical in all their correspondence with staff, students or outsiders.
  • A faculty member shall get the prior of leave by the HOD. In case of absence due to unforeseen circumstances, they shall inform the HOD/Principal at the earliest.¬†
  • The faculty member seeking leave or absence shall state in the leave application how his/her class hours during the leave period shall be handled.
  • A faculty member must inform HOD( after taking permission from principal) to go out of the college ¬†premises during working hours for any reason.
  • Faculty members shall be dressed in dignified formals and shall always carry their ID cards.
  • No faculty member shall cancel his/her scheduled classes without prior approval of the HOD.
  • Faculty members shall bound to
  • Attend all meetings called by the HOD or any other authority and lectures or functions to which they have been invited;
  • Undertake any extra tasks that may be assigned to them by the Principal;
  • Function as Mentors to the students assigned to them and be helpful to any other student who may seek their help.
  • To cooperate with other faculty members whenever such cooperation is solicited.
  • A faculty member shall treat all students equal and never be discriminatory.
  • The staff are invariably furnish the vacation address and contact No. in case leaving the head quarters